National Silent Record Week

National Silent Record Week falls during the first week of January and invites people from all over the U.S to put on a silent record. Now, we understand that not everyone has heard about silent records, so let us explain what they are. These records don’t play music the way conventional records do, but instead, they play silence.

Although this sounds like a wacky modern idea that someone came up with, the practice of using silent records goes back to the 1950s. What’s the point of playing a silent record or recording? Well, the purpose is for the person to enjoy a few moments of silence in a very loud and annoying world.

The History Of National Silent Record Week

During the 1950s, the silent record really came into its own. It was reported by Billboard that three “silent records” were placed in a jukebox at the University of Detroit. This was called stereophonic silence and it allowed students to enjoy a few moments of peace. The following year, in 1960, Pennsylvania’s Reading Eagle reported that the first week in January is known as Silent Record Week. This week was dubbed as an international tribute to jukebox peace and quiet.

The records were so popular at the university that they had to be replaced due to them developing scratches from excessive use. Around this time, a record that featured 6-minutes of silence saw a commercial release and that record was “Six Whole Minutes of Golden…Silence!” Over the years, there have been several records including a joke one released in 1980 known as “The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan.” Of course, throughout history, there have also been music albums that featured tracks of silence between songs.

Observing National Silent Record Week

This week can be observed by anyone with access to a silent record quite easily. All that’s required is to place that record on and enjoy it. However, that doesn’t mean this week can’t be observed by people with rare silent records. It can also be enjoyed by anyone wishing to take a few moments to listen to silence.

When is it?
This year (2023)
January 1 Sunday
Next year (2024)
January 1 Monday
Last year (2022)
January 1 Saturday
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