National Motorcycle Ride Day

Some of us don’t need an excuse to hit the open road on the back of two wheels, and for those who are keen, National Motorcycle Ride Day is a fun and rewarding experience. On the second Sunday of October, people around the world acknowledge this fun day of the year in some capacity. It is when motorcyclists gather in groups or just head out onto the tarmac, knowing they will be joined by many others with the same idea.

What Is National Motorcycle Ride Day?

The history of the day is unique in that it is acknowledged in the month that John Dunlop developed the first pneumatic tire in 1887. This tire made motorcycling possible, so it is a fitting tribute to the man and his invention. The advanced shock absorption and pressurized air that helps it maintain its shape make it highly compatible. It provides a smoother ride that makes motorcycling more enjoyable.

If you want to trace more of the origins of motorcycling, consider the fact that the first steam-powered motorcycle was invented in 1867.

The good thing is that this day is inclusive. As with many aspects of motorcycling, this is something anyone can get involved in, no matter what type of motorcycle they own. So, for those who want to be part of the camaraderie, many others are doing the same. You don’t need a Harley Davidson to join in, but finding people to ride with is easy with so many resources online. Before going, why not give your bike a nice clean, or maybe even take it to the local dealership for a check-up before hitting the road.

The day itself was first recognized as a day of the year in 2015 by Chad Geer of Dunlop Tires. This was an opportunity to acknowledge the man behind the tire, the tire itself, and the excellent fall weather.

How To Observe National Motorcycle Ride Day

The best way is to actually take your motorcycle out for the day. Plan a route, hit the open road, and see who else is doing the same. Why not grab a friend or two and go for a ride together, stop at a favorite spot, and take in what the area has to offer. The fall weather can be pretty special, as can the scenery, so what better time to observe National Motorcycle Ride Day.

Some other fun activities include talking to friends about the great rides you have all had. This can be from the past year or just over the course of your riding life. It is also a good time to plan the ultimate road trip. Where have you always wanted to ride?

As always, using the hashtag #NationalMotorcycleRideDay can be eye-opening. This is where many others will be sharing their experiences. This can be inspiring, and when you post yours, others will feel the same.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 12 Saturday
Next year (2025)
October 11 Saturday
Last year (2023)
October 14 Saturday
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