National Look Alike Day

National Look Alike Day is a holiday that everyone who has a look-alike can celebrate. That makes it a good day to be celebrated by twins or just by friends who happen to look like one another. It’s also a day to appreciate celebrity look-alikes who make their living looking like a famous celebrity. This day celebrates doppelgangers and is observed annually on April 20th.

The History of National Look Alike Day

National Look Alike Day was created in the 1980s by Jack Etzel, a TV reporter who, with photographer Rick Minutello, was in downtown Pittsburgh looking for a new story. He saw a guy who looked like Humphrey Bogart and decided to interview him. The next day, Mr. Etzel contacted the Chase Calendar of Events and declared April 20th to be National Look Alike Day.

Facts About Doppelgangers

During our holiday research, we learned quite a lot about doppelgangers—another name given to look-alike people in the legends of old. Some of the following facts are fun, and some are disconcerting, but all of them are interesting.

No One Really Knows the Odds of You Having a Look-Alike

Science can’t really calculate the odds of people having a doppelganger. There are just too many variables. However, many scientists believe that it’s more common than not, as the amount of genetic diversity is limited, so there are bound to be people who share many of the same features. However, the odds of that person being an exact copy of you down to every little detail is just about impossible.

Mythical Doppelgangers Didn’t Cast a Shadow

According to legends, people could tell whether a person was a real person or a doppelganger by seeing if they cast a shadow. If they didn’t cast a shadow, they were most likely a doppelganger. Doppelgangers also weren’t supposed to cast reflections on water or in a mirror.

Mythical Doppelgangers Were Harbingers of Bad Luck

Another common belief in the legends of old is the doppelganger as a harbinger of bad luck. It was believed that if you saw your friend or family member’s doppelganger, then that was a sign of impending sickness or extreme bad luck. And if you happened to see your own doppelganger, then that was supposedly an omen that you were going to die.

Observing National Look Alike Day

National Look Alike Day can be observed in several ways. You can dress up as your favorite celebrity, or you and a friend can dress up like one another. And while you’re observing this holiday, be sure to use the hashtag #NationalLookAlikeDay to let everyone know you’re celebrating.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 20 Saturday
Next year (2025)
April 20 Sunday
Last year (2023)
April 20 Thursday
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