National Canoe Day

National Canoe Day is a holiday that’s observed annually on June 26th and allows both canoe fans and the sellers of canoes to celebrate this remarkable water vessel. The typical canoe is lightweight, pointed on both ends, and open on the top so the person propelling it can sit in it.

This bot is propelled by at least 1 person facing the direction of travel and using a single-bladed paddle to push the canoe through the water. Although most people who canoe do so as a hobby, this vessel has actually been an important one for humans for thousands of years.

And that’s why many people are going to take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate this holiday. Perhaps you’re one of them?

The History Of National Canoe Day

Humans have been fashioning crude boats out of reeds and hallowed out logs for thousands of years. These primitive boats allowed humans to reach areas of land that they couldn’t ordinarily reach over land.

Over time, these boats became more sophisticated and capable of traveling long distances. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all used these boats for fishing and transportation. In North America, indigenous people also built canoes for fishing, hunting, and trading with other tribes.

As long and rich as the history of the canoe is, it wouldn’t be until 2007 that a day would be created to celebrate these boats. This happened in 2007 when National Canoe Day was created.

This holiday was created by people who had a deep passion for canoeing as a hobby and a deep interest in the history of the canoe. It’s observed on June 26th because this is when a group of voyageurs left Montreal during the 17th century to travel to the interior of North America to engage in the fur trade.

This holiday is observed annually all across Canada and there are a variety of activities associated with it. Some of which we’ll discuss in the next section.

Observing National Canoe Day

All across North America, there are a number of events that celebrate this holiday. These include guided canoe tours of rivers, canoe races, and special educational events that discuss the history and significance of these water vessels.

People wanting to take part in observing this holiday can do so by learning more about canoes, by spending the day canoeing, or by spreading the word about this holiday over the Internet using the hashtag #NationalCanoeDay.