National Be An Angel Day

Every August 22nd is observed as National Be an Angel Day—a holiday that encourages everyone to show kindness to one another. It’s also a holiday that encourages people to go out into the world and do good deeds. If there’s one thing that this world is lacking, it’s acts of kindness.

Now, don’t get us wrong; we’re not saying that millions upon millions of people aren’t doing everything they can to spread love and kindness. All we’re saying is that the world definitely could use more of it, so perhaps all of us who have been sitting on the sidelines might want to go out there and be an angel to someone who needs one. This day is the perfect day to get started, too.

The History of National Be an Angel Day

We don’t know much about this holiday, but we do know that Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman created it in 1993. She wanted everyone to know that they not only had a guardian angel looking over their needs but that they could also become a special angel for other people on Earth.

People can become earthly angels by showing their fellow human beings that they love and care for them. And that’s the entire purpose behind this holiday. Of course, the word “angel” is one that goes further back than the early 1990s.

This word is a translation of the Hebrew word “messenger” into the Greek word “angelos,” which would become “angel” in English. According to the Holy Bible, angels are considered the lowest of the nine orders in the Christian celestial hierarchy.

They also appear in Judaic and Islamic traditions, which isn’t surprising considering the three religions are Abrahamic religions. During the 19th century, Noah Webster’s “An American Dictionary of the English Language” defined the word angel as a messenger, a spirit, and also an ambassador of God.

The word has been used ever since not only in a religious capacity but also to describe people who do good acts. And this is the capacity in which it is used for the celebration of this holiday.

Observing National Be an Angel Day

National Be an Angel Day is a holiday that can be observed by anyone and everyone. All a person has to do is show someone else a little bit of kindness, love, and charity on this day. This can be done by doing something nice for someone, by performing an act of charity, or by simply being nice to the people around them. Earthly angels can also spread the word about this holiday using social media and the hashtag #NationalBeAnAngelDay.

When is it?
This year (2024)
August 22 Thursday
Next year (2025)
August 22 Friday
Last year (2023)
August 22 Tuesday
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