National Cheese Fondue Day

It’s easy to dismiss cheese fondue as merely melted cheese, but if a person takes the time to actually study the history of this food, they’ll soon realize that this way of enjoying cheese has been a favorite for people all around the world. It’s so popular that a holiday was even created for it, and that holiday is called National Cheese Fondue Day. For those who want to observe this holiday, all they have to do is grab a few items and then plan on melting some cheese on April 11th.

The History Of Cheese Fondue

Most historians believe that cheese fondue can be traced back to the late 17th century. This is when a dish named Kass Mit Wein Zu Kochen became popular. This dish wasn’t actually cheese fondue, but it did lay the groundwork for the cheese fondue recipes that would come later. This recipe was a way for peasants to use stale bread and leftover cheese during the unforgiving winter months.

In 1875, the first modern recipe for fondue was published. However, up until the recipe was printed, it had already enjoyed great success, and many Swiss already considered it a national dish. But Americans wouldn’t discover the dish on a national level until about 89 years later. This is when Americans were introduced to cheese fondue by the Swiss at the New York World’s Fair in 1964. It wasn’t long before it spread to New York restaurants and then eventually, the rest of the U.S.

Facts About Cheese Fondue

When we first started researching National Cheese Fondue Day, we didn’t think there was a whole lot we could learn about it. After all, it’s really just a way of melting cheese. Boy, were we wrong. We found quite a few facts about cheese fondue that we would like to share with everyone.

  • Fun With Fondue Month is November.
  • A variety of wines or teas can be paired with cheese fondue.
  • Some food historians believe that cheese fondue was actually invented by the Ancient Greeks.
  • Fondue can allow a large group of people to eat at one time.
  • Fondue is not only popular for social gatherings but also for romantic dinners.
  • A popular legend states that cheese fondue started during fighting between Roman Catholic and Protestant Swiss.

Observing Cheese Fondue Day

Probably the best way to observe this holiday is to invite your friends over for a fondue party. Get your favorite cheeses, bread, and wines, and enjoy the day. Don’t forget to pair some fruit with your bread and cheese. Also, make sure to use the hashtag #NationalCheeseFondueDay on your social media accounts to spread the word about this holiday.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 11 Thursday
Next year (2025)
April 11 Friday
Last year (2023)
April 11 Tuesday
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