August 7 holidays in 2023

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Battle of Boyacá Day Colombia National Holiday
Independence Day Ivory Coast Public Holiday
Purple Heart Day United States Observance
National Lighthouse Day - Unofficial (Products & Technology )
National Raspberries N’ Cream Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
Kadooment Day Barbados Public Holiday
Festival Monday British Virgin Islands Public Holiday
Heritage Day Canada (Alberta) Common Local Holiday
Ontario Civic Holiday Canada (Ontario) Local Observance
Saskatchewan Day Canada (Saskatchewan) Common Local Holiday
Terry Fox Day Canada (Manitoba) Local Observance
New Brunswick Day Canada (New Brunswick) Common Local Holiday
British Columbia Day Canada (British Columbia) Common Local Holiday
Natal Day Canada (Nova Scotia) Common Local Holiday
Emancipation Day Multiple [Show] Public Holiday
New South Wales Bank Holiday Australia (New South Wales) State Holiday
Northern Territory Picnic Day Australia (Northern Territory) State Holiday
Youth Day Kiribati Public Holiday
National Children's Day Tuvalu Public Holiday
Summer Bank Holiday (only Alderney) Guernsey Common Local Holiday
Commerce Day Iceland National Holiday
August Bank Holiday Ireland National Holiday
Summer Bank Holiday United Kingdom (Scotland) Common Local Holiday

Historical Events on August 7

  • 322 B.C.: The Battle of Crannon begins between Athens and Macedonia.
  • 461 A.D.: Roman Emperor Majorian is beheaded.
  • 936: King Otto I of Germany is coronated.
  • 1782:S President George Washington creates the Badge of Military Merit. It would later be renamed the Purple Heart.
  • 1789: The U.S Department of War is created.
  • 1791: During the Northwest Indian War, American troops destroy the town of Kenapacomaqua in Indiana.
  • 1794: United States President George Washington invokes the Militia Acts of 1792 to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania.
  • 1938: Construction on the Mauthausen concentration camp began in Austria.
  • 1940: Nazi Germany annexes Alsace-Lorraine.
  • 1942: The Battle of Guadalcanal begins.
  • 1964: The United States Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that gave President Lyndon B. Johnson broad powers to engage in warfare against the North Vietnamese.
  • 1974: Philippe Petit walks on a high wire between the twin towers of the World Trade Center at a height of over 1300 feet in the air.
  • 1976: Viking 2 enters its orbit around the planet Mars.
  • 1978: United States President Jimmy Carter declares a federal emergency at Love Canal because of all of the toxic waste that was disposed of in the area.
  • 1979: Woodstock, Canada is struck by several tornadoes.
  • 1985: Three people are chosen for Japan’s space program: Takao Doi, Mamoru Mohri and Chiaki Mukai are Japan’s first astronauts.

Famous Birthdays on August 7

  • Cuban librarian Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodríguez is born in 1955.
  • Russian author and playwright Vladimir Sorokin is born in 1955.
  • American guitarist Sharon Isbin is born in 1956.
  • American actor, director, writer and producer David Duchovny is born in 1960.
  • English actor and singer Brian Conley is born in 1961.
  • American Actor Chico Benymon is born in 1974.
  • American actor Michael Shannon is born in 1974.
  • American actor, screenwriter and director Eric Johnson is born in 1979.

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