National Ferris Wheel Day

The first thing you notice at the fairground is always the Ferris Wheel, but have you ever wondered how these massive constructions of fun came to be? We’re going to take a closer look as we urge everyone to acknowledge National Ferris Wheel Day on February 14th. Yes, they are named after the person behind their invention, but just who was George Washington Gale Ferris Jr.?

History of National Ferris Wheel Day

The day marks the birth of the man behind the wheel, and he was given quite the task at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. This is where the challenge was set to create something as remarkable as the Eiffel Tower. While this seems to be an impossible want, what followed was something iconic.

With the Eiffel Tower being wildly popular and with people around the world talking about it, the standard was set for something impressive. What ensued were a series of plans that never came to fruition until one day, the Ferris Wheel was drawn onto a napkin at a Chicago chophouse, and the rest is history.

Pitching it to the director of the Exposition was a tricky business. There were safety concerns, which ended up seeing Ferris chip in with $25,000 of his own money. In the end, engineers were recruited, and the impressive 250 ft diameter wheel was made.

It made over $725,000 and was deemed a huge success. But all was not so well for Ferris Jr. Arguments over money owed left him bankrupt, and he died only a few years later of typhoid. The original wheel lasted only until 1906 when it was used for scrap metal, but by this time other wheels were in operation, and the legacy keeps spinning around the world to this day.

How To Observe National Ferris Wheel Day

The simplest way is to find the nearest Ferris Wheel to you and hop on February 14th. This combines well with Valentine’s Day as there is something romantic about seeing the city from a great height together. Take a friend and make it a day to remember, taking in the view and observing the day.

Maybe look into the life of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. and see what else you can find. There is also nothing wrong with using the hashtag #NationalFerrisWheelDay and seeing what the world is up to. Why not research some of the most impressive Ferris Wheels from around the world?

We’re looking at the likes of Niagara Falls at the infamous SkyWheel and its amazing views. It’s difficult to trace the origins of when this day became a national day, but as one of the more fun and easy-to-observe options, we’d love to see more people getting involved.

Back in 1893, when the Exposition was taking place, few could have imagined how the iconic wheel would be found around the world. As a common sight now, it makes us wonder, what will be the next Ferris Wheel that everyone enjoys for the first time

When is it?
This year (2024)
February 14 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
February 14 Friday
Last year (2023)
February 14 Tuesday
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