June 7 holidays in 2024

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation Slovakia Observance
Sette Giugno Malta National Holiday
Flag Day Peru Observance
Dissolution of union with Sweden (1905) Norway Flag Day
National Boone Day - Unofficial (Culture & History)
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day - Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National VCR Day - Unofficial (Products & Technology )
National Donut Day - (Food & Drinks)
Randol Fawkes Labour Day The Bahamas Public Holiday
T. T. Bank Holiday Isle of Man Public Holiday

Historical Events on June 7

  • 1654: Louis XIV becomes the King of France on this day.
  • 1692: Port Royal in Jamaica is stuck by an earthquake. Over three thousand people are seriously hurt and over sixteen hundred are killed.
  • 1776: Richard Henry Lee gives the Continental Congress his Lee Resolution. This resolution would eventually lead to the U.S declaring independence from Great Britain.
  • 1832: Quebec is hit with Asian cholera that kills approximately six thousand people in Lower Canada.
  • 1862: The U.S and the U.K formally sign the Lyons-Seward Treaty, an act that is an agreement that the two countries will do their part to suppress the African slave trade.
  • 1863: French forces capture Mexico City in Mexico on this day.
  • 1899: Carrie Nation – an American temperance crusader – begins vandalizing bars, taverns, saloons and pubs that serve alcohol. She starts with a saloon in Kiowa, Kansas.
  • 1917: A series of mines underneath German trenches at Messines Ridge is detonated by Allied troops at the Battle of Messines during World War I. Approximately ten thousand German forces are killed.
  • 1929: The “Roman Question” is settled when the Lateran Treaty is officially ratified and Vatican City comes into existence.
  • 1942: The Battle of Midway ends during World War II. It’s a decisive American victory.
  • 1942: Japanese forces begin occupying the island of Attu and Kiska in the American Aleutian Islands located off of Alaska.
  • 1944: Twenty-three Canadian POWs are murdered at Ardenne Abbey by German soldiers belonging to the SS Division Hitlerjugend during World War 2.

Famous Birthdays on June 7

  • French painter and sculptor, Paul Gauguin is born in 1848.
  • Slovak-German physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, Philipp Lenard is born in 1862.
  • English-American actress, Jessica Tandy is born in 1909.
  • Welsh singer Tom Jones is born in 1940.
  • Irish-American actor Liam Neeson is born in 1952.
  • American politician and 48th Vice President of the U.S., Mike Pence is born in 1960.
  • American singer-songwriter and actor, Prince is born in 1958.
  • Canadian actor Michael Cera is born in 1988.
  • Canadian NHL player Milan Lucic is born in 1988.

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