Dissolution Of Union With Sweden

The Dissolution of the Union Between Norway and Sweden is a holiday that’s observed annually in Norway on the 7th of June. This day commemorates Norway’s and Sweden’s “divorce” as unified kingdoms under a common foreign policy and monarch.

Also known as Union Dissolution Day, it’s an observance and not a public holiday. That means businesses and government agencies don’t close on this day, and most people will have to work.

However, it is a day when many people take the time to fly Norway’s flag and take pride in their country. It’s also a day that schools use to teach their students about the history surrounding this event.

The History of the Dissolution of the Union Between Norway and Sweden

Following a brief war between the two countries that ended in 1814, Norway was forced into a union with Sweden. Under this arrangement, Norway was allowed to maintain its judiciary and parliament, as well as its army.

They did have to submit to Sweden when it came to foreign policy, however. Soon, significant differences between the two countries began to emerge, and this began to cause problems.

One of the main differences between the two countries was their stances on trade. Norway wanted lower duties to encourage trade, while Sweden wanted higher tariffs. Another difference was that Norway wanted to limit the powers of the king, while Sweden had a different approach to governance. This led Norway to move for the separation of itself from Sweden.

The Norwegian Parliament passed a separation bill, but King Oscar II refused to accept the new law. In response, the Norwegian government resigned. The Norwegian government then moved for the dissolution of the union with Sweden. The Norwegian people voted on the dissolution, and it was passed in 1905 with approximately 99.95% of the vote being in favor of dissolution.

Facts About Norway

Below are some interesting facts about Norway that we would like to share with everyone reading this guide today. We think the following facts are perfect for people to mull over as they observe Union Dissolution Day, so let’s take a few moments to look at them.

  • Norway has the longest road tunnel in the world. The Lærdal Tunnel is 15 miles long.
  • The Lærdal Tunnel connects Lærdal with Aurland.
  • The Norwegian capital of Oslo hosts the Nobel Peace Prize Awards every year.
  • Ancient and modern skiing were invented in Norway.

Observing the Dissolution of the Union Between Norway and Sweden

Although there aren’t many events during this day, it is a day that’s fondly remembered by Norwegians. During this day, some businesses, government offices, and individuals take the time to raise the flag of Norway.

This day is also taught in schools to teach schoolchildren about their country’s history. The hashtag #UnionDissolutionDay can be used on internet posts to spread the word about this holiday worldwide.

Where is it celebrated?
Norway (Flag day)
When is it?
This year (2024)
June 7 Friday
Next year (2025)
June 7 Saturday
Last year (2023)
June 7 Wednesday