Math 2.0 Day

Math 2.0 Day is a holiday that celebrates not only math but also the blending of math and technology together to create our modern world. Without math and technology working hand in hand, we wouldn’t have most of the things that we take for granted on a daily basis. We wouldn’t have computers, cell phones, or even the Internet. If you’re appreciative of all these things, then you might want to take a moment to celebrate this holiday. Sure, math isn’t a subject that many people like, but it is one that’s vitally important, so let’s all take the time to observe this holiday when it rolls around on July 8th.

The History of Math 2.0 Day

This day was first created by the Math Future Group in 2009. The purpose of this holiday was to bring innovators, teachers, mathematicians, and technologists together to encourage people to study math. After all, without math, modern technology wouldn’t be possible.

Facts About Math

Below are some quick and dirty facts about math. The following facts are a good primer for celebrating Math 2.0 Day.

  • The term “hundred” comes from the term “Hundrath.” This term meant 120 in Old Norse.
  • Zero is not represented by Roman numerals.
  • The symbol for division is known as an obelus.
  • The term “jiffy” actually represents a unit of time. It means 1/100th of one second.

Observing Math 2.0 Day

This holiday is the perfect day for engineers, mathematicians, and technologists to all come together and share ideas. It’s also a good day for universities to conduct seminars and other events that highlight the importance of math to the common good. People can also observe this holiday by using the hashtag #Math2.0Day on their social media accounts.

When is it?
This year (2024)
July 8 Monday
Next year (2025)
July 8 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
July 8 Saturday
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