Battery Day

Battery Day is an unofficial holiday which is celebrated on February 18th and is used to pay homage to the little energy source that makes our lives much easier. Batteries are ubiquitous to our lives and can be found in everything from remote controls and smoke detectors to cell phones and digital cameras. Even our vehicles rely on batteries to start. Without the humble battery, where would we be? Maybe it’s better if we never found out.

History of The Battery

While no one is sure who invented Battery Day, the battery is an invention in which historians know quite a lot about. Although there is some controversy over whether an archaeological piece from 2,000 years ago, and known as the Baghdad Battery was actually a battery or not. It is basically a clay pot that contained a metal tube and rod. However, most historians believe that this device was not a battery.

During the 19th century, Alessandro Volta discovered that when zinc and copper are placed into an acid or saline solution, that the zinc atoms break down and flow in a current and the copper atoms barely move. Which is how modern chemical batteries work. The zinc becomes a negative pole and the copper begins the positive pole.

Celebrating Battery Day

Battery Day can be celebrated in any number of different ways. You can use the day to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and remotes. You can take your used batteries to a recycling center or you can use the day to learn more about batteries and how they work. After all, batteries might not be the most fascinating or interesting devices in the world but without them our lives would be very different. Batteries have literally transformed the world and has allowed modern society to be the wireless one it is today.

Where is Battery Day celebrated?

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