Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

We believe that it’s everyone’s right to get a reprieve from the oppressive summer heat, especially during the month of July. We also believe that all of us who depend on air conditioning should probably be a little more appreciative of its cooling power. Fortunately, someone has decided to help people appreciate their air conditioning a little bit more than they currently do.

They did that by creating a holiday called Air Conditioning Appreciation Day. This is a holiday that falls on July 3rd and encourages all of us to keep the AC in our thoughts as we’re enjoying its cool, refreshing air.

The History of Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Before the invention of air conditioning, people throughout history used various methods to keep cool. In hotter climates, buildings were designed with thick walls and high ceilings to help keep their interiors cool. People also used shade from trees or human-built structures as relief from the sun.

Other methods of keeping cool included wearing light-colored clothing, taking naps during the hottest parts of the day, or taking cool baths in bodies of water. All of these methods allowed people to remain cool during the summer months, but unfortunately, they weren’t as effective as air conditioning would become once it was invented.

In 1902, an American engineer named Willis Carrier designed the first modern air conditioning system. This system was designed to solve a humidity problem at a printing plant located in Brooklyn, New York. The system cooled the air and reduced humidity.

This allowed paper at the printing plant to dry more quickly and reduced the chances of ink smudges. At first, air conditioning was only used in industrial and commercial settings, but that began to change during the 1920s. This is when air conditioning became more prevalent in residential homes, although it still wasn’t widely adopted by the general population.

It would take many more decades before air conditioning was cheap and available enough for just about everyone to have an air conditioning system in their homes. The origins of Air Conditioning Appreciation Day are unfortunately not as clear as the history of air conditioning, although there are some clues we can gather about this holiday. It appears to have been invented sometime after 2018, but we don’t know who invented it or the intention behind the creation of this holiday.

Observing Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Our first impulse on this holiday is to celebrate the day by staying inside and enjoying the hard work that our home AC units do. But people can do more than that to celebrate this day. They can also have their air conditioners properly inspected by a professional on this day. And people can encourage others to celebrate this day by using the hashtag #AirConditioningAppreciationDay online.

When is it?
This year (2024)
July 3 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
July 3 Thursday
Last year (2023)
July 3 Monday
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