National Frozen Food Month

Since March is National Frozen Food Month, we guess it’s time for us to plumb the depths of our freezer. What are we likely to find in the frozen depths? We’re not sure about that, but we are sure that there are plenty of mysteries awaiting us behind the frozen peas.

And we encourage everyone else to explore the depths of their freezers during this month to find out what awaits them. Of course, cleaning out the freezer isn’t the only way for people to celebrate this month.

It’s also a good time for people to consider the importance of frozen foods in their lives and to consider whether buying frozen fruits and vegetables can be an easy way to pack their diet with some nutrition.

The History of National Frozen Food Month

National Frozen Food Month has been observed for the past few decades and was first created by the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association. They created this month to alert the public to how frozen foods can be just as nutritious as fresh foods.

Some Cold Facts About Frozen Foods

Okay, since everyone is asking for more information about frozen foods during this month, we thought we’d do some research and come up with the latest facts about this category of food that everyone can appreciate. So without further ado, below are some facts about frozen foods everyone should know about while they’re celebrating National Frozen Food Month.

  • Freezing doesn’t cause a reduction in nutrients. That’s an old myth.
  • Of course, freezing foods for long periods can result in tasteless or freezer-burned foods, so use them within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Clarence Birdseye introduced the concept of flash freezing to the world.
  • Birds Eye Frozen Food began being sold on March 6th, 1930, in the U.S.

Observing National Frozen Food Month

During this month, you won’t find frozen food parades or special frozen food block parties. In fact, there’s unlikely to be any celebration of this month at all. What people can expect to find during this month, however, is a real discussion on the importance of frozen foods.

Although frozen foods have been stigmatized in the past, people are finally coming to the realization that they can be part of a healthy diet. Frozen foods are packed with nutrition and can retain that nutritional value for a longer amount of time than fresh foods.

That’s why everyone should observe this month, either by buying frozen foods or by spreading the word about it using the hashtag #FrozenFoodMonth.

When is it?
This year (2024)
March 1 Friday
Next year (2025)
March 1 Saturday
Last year (2023)
March 1 Wednesday
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