Ancestor Appreciation Day

Observed annually on September 27th, Ancestor Appreciation Day is a holiday that allows each and every person to reflect on the people who came before them. It’s also a day for people to express gratitude for these incredible individuals from the past who made it possible for us to be alive here and now. One thing that most people will realize as they celebrate this holiday is that we’re all preceded by some amazing individuals who make up the rich tapestry of our lineages. People who worked hard-made sacrifices, and made the decisions that contributed to our collective story. Let’s all acknowledge our amazing ancestors on this day and give them the appreciation and thought they so well deserve.

The History Of Ancestor Appreciation Day

Ever since the dawn of civilization, and probably even before then, people have been fascinated by their ancestors. The ancestors of ancient peoples were so important that they were not only honored but looked to for guidance and inspiration. That has continued throughout the years as each generation realizes that where they are in the world is due to the sacrifices and hard work of the generations that came before them.

Unfortunately, while we’ve long known the importance of people’s ancestors to each generation, we were unable to uncover who invented this holiday. We searched the annals of the Internet and simply could not find any references that stated when this holiday was created. We’ll keep looking — because that’s what we do — but at this moment it doesn’t look like we’re going to find the answer we’ve been searching for. At least, not anytime soon.

Observing Ancestor Appreciation Day

This is the day during which people are encouraged to learn more about their ancestors. This can simply be done by asking questions of living relatives, or by doing online genealogical research. Anyone who doesn’t have the time to research their own family history can pay a little bit of money to have a professional genealogist do it for them.

This is also a good day to spend time with family, and by thanking your parents and grandparents for the things that they’ve accomplished. In our experience, spending time with family is the best way to observe this holiday and we encourage everyone to do just that. We also encourage people to spread the word about this holiday online using the hashtag #AncestorAppreciationDay.