Bison Ten Yell Day

On September 2nd of every year, a holiday called Bison Ten Yell Day is celebrated, and we’ll be the first to tell you that this is a nonsense holiday that has no rhyme or reason to it. If you say Bison Ten Yell Day quickly it sounds like bicentennial day, so that makes us think that it’s a bicentennial to some event, but no one knows what that event would be. No one even knows when this holiday was created or who created it. It’s just a mysterious holiday that people can choose to ignore or can celebrate in their own way because no one knows what it’s about.

Facts About Bison

Since this is a holiday that’s a bit random, we thought that we’d pluck the word bison out of the holiday and then list some facts about these majestic creatures. And that’s what we did. Below you’ll find some very interesting facts about bison that you can share with friends and family on Bison Ten Yell Day.

  • Bison are the largest North American mammal. They can weigh 2,000-pounds and stand 6-feet tall.
  • There are 10,000 bison across 17 U.S states that are managed by the Department of the Interior.
  • Baby bison are called red dogs because they have an orange-red color.

Observing Bison Ten Yell Day

Honestly, we can’t tell you how to celebrate this holiday because there are no rules for this holiday. As we’ve said earlier, most people don’t even know what this holiday is about-other than it probably being just a joke holiday.  All we can do is make some recommendations. Some of the things we recommend are learning about the history of September 2nd approximately 200-years before the current day to find out what happened in history. We also recommend learning more about bison. While you’re celebrating this holiday, be sure to use the hashtag #BisonTenYellDay to let everyone else in on this holiday.

When is it?
This year (2023)
September 2 Saturday
Next year (2024)
September 2 Monday
Last year (2022)
September 2 Friday
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