International Happy Gose Day

Every year, beer lovers around the world celebrate a holiday known as International Happy Gose Day. This day celebrates a specialty beer that has been brewed in Germany since the 13th century. It hails from the town of Goslar, Germany, and is typically brewed with at least 50% of its mash ingredients being malted wheat.

Most Gose beers are known for their herbal characteristics, lemon sourness, and strong salt taste, and have an alcohol content of between 4-5%. For everyone who currently enjoys this beer, or who thinks they might enjoy this beer, this is a holiday they will want to observe.

The History Of International Happy Gose Day

Gose Beer originally began in Goslar, Germany, as a spontaneously fermented beer in the 13th century. This means that yeast did not have to be added to the product for it to ferment. However, this began to change during the 19th century when brewers started making beer using either yeast or lactic acid bacteria.

This beer would be fermented in casks with the tap bung closed but the shive hole left open to allow the release of fermenting gases. When fermentation reached the point where these gases stopped escaping from the shive hole, it was ready to be bottled. It was then transferred into a tank and poured into long-necked bottles.

Although Gose Beer temporarily disappeared after WWII, it came back in 1949. It was brewed primarily by small private breweries until the 1980s. This is when it temporarily disappeared again.

Fortunately, that did not last long, and Gose Beer began to be produced in and around Leipzig, Germany. Now, this beer is manufactured all over the world. The holiday International Happy Gose Day was originally created by Leipziger Bierfreunde on November 17th, 2016. It has been observed every year since then.

Some Delicious Beer Facts

Let’s go over some delicious beer facts that we’ve encountered while researching International Happy Gose Day. We’ve included them below for everyone’s consideration.

  • The largest beer festival in the world is held in Germany every year. It’s called Oktoberfest, and over 6 million people attend it annually.
  • In ancient Egypt, women brewed beer.
  • Women also brewed beer in some parts of Medieval Europe.
  • A beer can be chilled in under 120 seconds. All that needs to be done is to add it to a bowl of ice and salt and then stir.

Observing International Happy Gose Day

Happy Gose Day is a holiday best enjoyed with a nice bottle of Gose Beer. People can also take the time to spread the word about this holiday using the hashtag #InternationalHappyGoseDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
November 17 Sunday
Next year (2025)
November 17 Monday
Last year (2023)
November 17 Friday
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