International Virtual Assistants Day

Virtual⁢ assistants are remote⁣ employees who offer administrative support to a business and can perform tasks that executive assistants would ordinarily perform. ⁤Tasks‌ such​ as scheduling appointments, arranging travel, making phone calls, or organizing ‍emails.

Sometimes they work as salaried⁤ employees, and ⁣sometimes​ they’re hired as independent contractors. These assistants are ‌employed⁤ across a wide variety of industries and⁣ by companies of all sizes.

They are such an⁢ important ⁢part of the workforce that⁢ they have even been given ⁣their⁢ own holiday, observed annually on ‌the⁣ third⁤ Friday‍ in May, currently ‍known⁤ as International Virtual Assistants ​Day.

The History of International Virtual Assistants Day

Although we can’t⁤ say for ⁤certain when⁤ this holiday was created, we‌ believe that it has only been around for a ⁤few years. ⁢What ‌we do know is ⁤that it was created by the Alliance ⁢for Virtual‌ Business — a team ⁢of virtual professionals.

They created‌ this holiday to raise public awareness about the importance of virtual assistants and the​ role⁣ they play in the ​world of ‍business.

Some ​Important and Interesting Facts ⁢About ⁣Virtual Assistants

We did a bit of research about ⁤virtual assistants and what they do, so we ⁤decided to list⁤ some facts ​below. We‍ found the ⁣following facts to be quite informative and⁤ interesting, ⁣but we⁢ can’t guarantee​ that they will hold the‌ same ⁤value for everyone reading them. With that said, let’s check them out.

  • The average age of most virtual assistants⁢ is 35 years old.
  • Companies can save ‌almost⁤ 80% on operational costs by ⁤employing virtual assistants.
  • Over ​the⁢ past few years, the workload of an average virtual assistant has increased by almost 18%.
  • Nine out ⁤of⁣ ten remote workers ⁢believe ⁣they​ are ⁤more ​effective working from home than working ⁣from‍ an office.
  • Many companies have begun to offshore the hiring of virtual assistants to⁤ remote workers in other countries.
  • Employment for⁣ virtual assistants is ⁤expected to rise ‍over ‌the next decade and⁤ beyond.
  • Businesses that⁤ employ virtual assistants save money on taxes because ⁢they don’t​ provide benefits.

Observing International ⁣Virtual Assistants⁤ Day

This ‍holiday can be observed by showing appreciation to ⁣a virtual‌ assistant for what they⁢ do for the office on a ​regular basis.

This ​is‍ also a good day for people who are ⁣interested in becoming ‌a virtual ‌assistant to learn more about it and how they can dip ‌their toes​ into this industry. People‍ can⁢ spread the word about this holiday by using the hashtag #InternationalVirtualAssistantsDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 17 Friday
Next year (2025)
May 16 Friday
Last year (2023)
May 19 Friday
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