June 30 Revolution

The June 30 Revolution is a national holiday that’s observed annually in Egypt on June 30th and marks the anniversary of the protests against President Morsi in 2013. On that date, 14 million protesters demonstrated all across Egypt and these protests eventually led to a military coup on July 3rd that removed Morsi from power.

Since this is a public holiday, it’s a day off for the general public, and many businesses are closed for the day. It’s also a time when people take their vacations and many employers give their employees a paid vacation time on this day. This holiday shouldn’t be confused with Revolution Day, a holiday that falls on July 3rd and marks the anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution in 1952.

The History Of June 30 Revolution

In Egypt in 2011, President Mubarak resigned after mass demonstrations ended his almost three-decade rule in the country. This led to the first democratic presidential elections in 2012, and Mohamed Morsi would become the first democratically elected Egyptian president.

In November of that year, Morsi would make a constitutional declaration that increase the powers that he enjoyed. He did this to end a political stalement, but the move turned out to be extremely unpopular with the general population. Coupled with economic issues plaguing the country, as well as energy shortages, this move led to widespread resentment across the country. Resentment that would end up boiling over.

This resentment against the Egyptian President would come to a head-on on June 30, 2013, when 14 million protesters demonstrated against him. On July 3rd, these demonstrations would lead to a military coup that would end up removing Morsi from power.

Observing The June 30 Revolution In Egypt

This holiday is observed with much pomp and circumstance. The holiday is observed with concerts, military parades, and political speeches. It’s also a day on which Egyptians take the time to spend time with their friends and family members.

Where is it celebrated?
Egypt (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
June 30 Friday
Next year (2024)
June 30 Sunday
Last year (2022)
June 30 Thursday