Monkey Day

Celebrated on December 14th on an annual basis, Monkey Day is a holiday that celebrates monkeys, as well as other non-human primates such as apes and lemurs. Also known as International Monkey Day, this holiday is used to raise awareness about these animals and their role in nature.

History of Monkey Day

While no one knows for sure when Monkey Day was created, it is believed that it was created by individuals who were looking to raise awareness about these animals so they can be learned from and protected.

Monkey Fun Facts

  • There are over 260+ known species of monkeys
  • Most monkeys have tails
  • Monkeys are not apes
  • Groups of monkeys are known as tribes or missions
  • Some monkeys live in trees and some live on the ground
  • Old World monkeys live in Africa and Asia
  • New World monkeys live in the Americas

Celebrating Monkey Day

This holiday can be celebrated in any number of different ways. You can visit monkeys at your local zoo. You can learn more about monkeys and other primates. You can watch movies such as Tarzan or Planet of the Apes. Or you can do some work on behalf of monkeys and donate either your time or your money to conservation efforts that aim to protect monkeys and their homes.

Where is Monkey Day celebrated?

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