National Kiss And Make Up Day

National Kiss and Make Up Day is a holiday that can be taken literally or figuratively, depending on the relationship between the people involved. Figuratively speaking, kissing and making up means burying the hatchet after an argument that you’ve had with someone else. Celebrating this holiday on the 25th of August is a great way for people to remember that holding grudges only leads to a person being miserable, so it’s best to bury the hatchet and move forward.

The History of National Kiss and Make Up Day

This holiday was created by Jacqueline Milgate as a day for her to set aside time out of her busy schedule to reconcile relationships with loved ones. It wasn’t long after instituting the holiday that it began to spread via the World Wide Web, and it has been a holiday ever since.

Interesting Facts About Holding Grudges

Since this holiday is all about forgiving people so that you don’t hold onto past grudges, we’ve decided to list some of the effects that holding a grudge can have on a person’s mental health.

  • Holding a grudge can make an unpleasant event more likely to recur.
  • Holding a grudge can lead to depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and mood disorders.
  • Holding a grudge can cause heightened depression, sleep disorders, and problems with digestion.

Observing National Kiss and Make Up Day

The best way for anyone to celebrate this holiday is by taking the time to kiss and make up with someone you’ve had a falling out with. This can be a relationship that has been seriously damaged by an argument or simply friends who have drifted apart over time. While observing this holiday, just be sure to use the hashtag #NationalKissAndMakeUpDay to spread the word about it online.

When is it?
This year (2024)
August 25 Sunday
Next year (2025)
August 25 Monday
Last year (2023)
August 25 Friday
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