National Pro-Life Cupcake Day

National Pro-Life Cupcake Day is a holiday observed on October 9th and was created by an organization called Cupcakes for Life. Although there is an exchange of cupcakes on this holiday, the real purpose of the holiday is to open a dialogue about the pro-life position.

According to this position, abortion is a process that terminates a child’s life, and that child is one who will never have the opportunity to have a birthday. Giving a cupcake is seen by the group as a non-confrontational way to connect with the public on this delicate issue.

The History of National Pro-Life Cupcake Day

We are unsure of when this holiday was created, but we do know it was started by Cupcakes for Life—an organization that gives away cupcakes to people to strike up a conversation about abortion. According to the group, cupcakes are given away because children who are aborted will never have the opportunity to have a birthday cupcake.

Facts About Abortion

Below are some facts about abortion that we learned from and other organizations. We have provided these facts below so everyone can educate themselves on the subject of abortion.

  • Criminalizing abortion does not stop abortions; it just makes them less safe.
  • Approximately 25 million unsafe abortions are performed every year—many in developing countries.
  • Almost every death and injury from unsafe abortion is preventable.
  • Restricting or criminalizing abortions prevents doctors from providing basic medical care to women.
  • According to Amnesty International, access to safe abortion is considered a basic human right.

Observing National Pro-Life Cupcake Day

On this day, pro-life activists give away cupcakes and strike up conversations with people about their pro-life position. They also use the hashtag #ProLifeCupcakeDay to spread the word about this holiday on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 9 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
October 9 Thursday
Last year (2023)
October 9 Monday
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