Sao Tome And Principe Holidays in 2020

Holiday date Holiday name Holiday Type
Wed, January 1 New Year Public Holiday
Sat, January 4 Day of King Amador Public Holiday
Mon, February 3 Commemoration of the Batepá Massacre Public Holiday
Fri, March 20 March Equinox Season
Fri, May 1 Labour Day Public Holiday
Sat, June 20 June Solstice Season
Sun, July 12 Independence Day Public Holiday
Sun, September 6 Armed Forces' Day Public Holiday
Tue, September 22 September equinox Season
Mon, December 21 December Solstice Season
Fri, December 25 Christmas Day Public Holiday


VJ Day

Labor Day

Autumnal Equinox

Yom Kippur

Columbus Day

Cyber Monday