Actors’ Day

Actor’s Day (also known now as National Actors’ Day) is a holiday that’s observed annually on September 8th. It’s a day that celebrates this art form and the people who work hard to practice this art to bring the characters we love (and hate) to life.

This day doesn’t just observe the work and dedication of A-list actors, but anyone who practices this discipline — whether it’s on the stage, the small screen, or in the movies. Without actors to bring characters to life, the great stories of the world could never be told. And for that fact alone, they deserve a little bit of recognition.

The History of Actor’s Day

Acting as an art is one that goes back to ancient Egypt some 6,000 years ago. It was originally used as a religious tool that allowed priests to remember the lives of the departed. It was also used in other parts of Asia in much the same way.

For example, in China, it was a way for people to keep alive the memory of the emperor’s ancestors. It was in ancient Greece where the art really began to flourish, however. It was then and there that it would be used for dramatic plays. It’s been an important art form ever since.

As far as the history of Actor’s Day, we really don’t know when it was created or who created it. It’s a holiday that we know has been around for a few years, but not one that we can find any source material on. With that being said, we’ll continue to try to research the origins of this holiday and will update this section if we ever find out who invented it or when it was invented.

Observing Actor’s Day

Learning more about acting, attending a movie or theater production, and trying your hand at acting are some ways this holiday is observed. All of these activities are pretty easy, and quite enjoyable, to do.

Personally, we like to read the trivia about actors that can be found on IMDB on this holiday, but there are a number of other sites that also offer some great information on actors. We also like to go to the local school theater production or the movies to see the latest summer blockbuster on this day.

Another way to observe this holiday is by spreading the news about it online using the hashtag #ActorsDay. All of these activities allow us to appreciate actors and the work that they do. Work that can entertain us, keep us informed, and move us emotionally.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 8 Sunday
Next year (2025)
September 8 Monday
Last year (2023)
September 8 Friday
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