Army Day in United States

Army Day is a holiday that honors those who choose to serve in the United States Army and remembers all that they do in service to the country. Not only do members of the U.S. Army protect the country, but they also protect the country’s interests all around the world.

They are tasked with serving the American people and supporting national security. These are not easy tasks when you think about them. That’s why this holiday is observed every year on the 6th of April. This holiday should not be confused with Armed Forces Day, however. That holiday falls on May 21st each year.

The History Of Army Day

After the conclusion of World War I, a contingent of returning veteran officers was formed by General John Pershing and became known as the Military Order of the World War (MOWW). The purpose of this order was to provide camaraderie, prestige, and companionship.

Nine years later, the head of MOWW, Colonel Thatcher Luquer, would establish Army Day on May 1st. The purpose of this holiday was to counteract Labor Day celebrations around the world that were being co-opted by communist ideology.

The following year, in 1929, Army Day would be moved from May 1st to April 6th. This date was the anniversary of when the U.S. entered World War I. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed April 6, 1942, as Army Day. In this proclamation, he invited the governors of the 48 U.S. states to issue Army Day proclamations.

He also authorized officers of military units to do whatever was feasible to aid civic bodies in the observance of this day. He also urged the American people to do their best to observe Army Day. This day has been celebrated as a holiday ever since.

Some Important Facts About The U.S. Army

Below are some facts that we learned about the U.S. Army and would like to now share with everyone just in time for Army Day. We don’t want people observing this holiday without at least having a basic understanding of this branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, so we decided to do a tad bit of research and come up with some lesser-known facts that we think everyone will appreciate.

  • The U.S. Army was created by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1775. That makes it older than the country.
  • The U.S. Army pioneered guerrilla warfare during the Revolutionary War.
  • The U.S. Air Force was a part of the Army until 1947.
  • The Ranger’s slogan: “Rangers lead the way” was adopted by Army Rangers during the Normandy Invasion.
  • There are over 500 dogs currently employed by the U.S. Army as Military Working Dogs.

Observing Army Day

Although military units might organize their own celebrations for this day, that doesn’t mean that ordinary U.S. citizens can’t also celebrate this holiday. That can be done by giving thanks to a service member or a veteran, by flying the American flag, or by learning more about the U.S. Army.

People who don’t personally know serving members of the military can give a shout-out to all service members by using the hashtag #ArmyDay on social media.

Where is it celebrated?
United States
When is it?
This year (2024)
April 6 Saturday
Next year (2025)
April 6 Sunday
Last year (2023)
April 6 Thursday