Angam Day

Observed in the Republic of Nauru, Angam Day is a holiday that falls on October 26th every year. “Angam” is a Nauruan word that means “celebration,” “jubilation,” or “great happiness and triumph.” It is also used in that language to refer to “returning home,” which is quite relevant considering that this day is a time for reflection for the Nauruan people.

It is a celebration of the population of Nauru returning from the brink of oblivion. It was first introduced when the population level of the island reached a level that was considered too low for its continuity, and then again when the population level dipped again.

The History Of Angam Day In Nauru

After the population of the island fell to under 1,500 people, the first Angam Day was later proclaimed. This occurred when the island came under the mandate of Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand, and the population was deemed too low for its survival. When the population once again reached 1,500, the first Angam was declared. This happened on October 26th, 1932.

When WWII ended, the population of the island once again fell below the required 1,500 mark needed for its survival. Fortunately, a baby was born on the 31st of March in 1949. This is when the second Angam Day was observed. However, even though the birth that saved the population occurred in March, the date of this celebration remained in October.

Some Amazing Facts About Nauru

If you mention the island nation of Nauru to someone, nine times out of ten, they wouldn’t have heard about it. That’s because this island country is barely a blip in Micronesia and has a population of barely 10,000 people. So, as we discuss Angam Day, we thought it would be appropriate to educate our readers on this nation and its people by presenting some amazing facts below.

  • This island is only eight square miles, making it the world’s smallest island nation.
  • This country has an obesity rate of 71%. That’s twice the obesity rate of the U.S.
  • Most of the residents of this island speak English. Nauruan is the official language of the country.
  • Nauru doesn’t have an army. Its security is protected by Australia.

Observing Angam Day In Nauru

Angam Day is observed in a variety of different ways. There are feasts, dancing, speeches, and other events.

There is also a celebration in which survivors of WWII don replicas of the dresses that other female returnees from Truk wore on their return to Nauru after two years in exile. People can also spread the word about this day using the hashtag #AngamDay in Nauru.

Where is it celebrated?
Nauru (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
October 26 Saturday
Next year (2025)
October 26 Sunday
Last year (2023)
October 26 Thursday