British Columbia Day

British Columbia Day is a local public holiday in the province of British Columbia in Canada that falls on the first Monday of August. It’s a day when residents of the area can take pride in their local heritage and/or take the day to kick back and relax. It’s one of a group of Civic Holidays that are celebrated in Canada, and some of the others include New Brunswick Day, Saskatchewan Day, and Heritage Day. The roots of these civic holidays can be traced back to the mid-1970s as a way to recognize the cultural achievements and the pioneers in each province.

The History of British Columbia Day

During the 1970s, several Canadian provinces declared the first Monday in August to be an annual holiday that would recognize the achievements and cultural heritage of people living in those provinces. In 1974, the Executive Council of Alberta declared the day Heritage Day. That same year, Surrey MLA Ernie Hall introduced legislation to the legislature to create British Columbia Day—a provincial statutory holiday that celebrates the heritage, culture, and history of British Columbia.

Fun Facts About British Columbia

Since we know that people reading about British Columbia Day might be looking for a little bit more information about this province, we thought we would go ahead and list some of the fun facts about the area that we uncovered during our research. We’ve listed these facts below.

  • The length of British Columbia’s coastline is over 27,000 kilometers.
  • BC is the westernmost province in Canada. It is also the third-largest province.
  • Approximately half of the people in British Columbia live in Vancouver.
  • British Columbia has more than four hundred provincial parks, conservation areas, and recreation sites.
  • British Columbia also has six National Parks and is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • BC ranks in the top three for cranberry and blueberry production in the world.
  • The first child born in Canada on the 100th celebration of Canada Day is known as the Centennial Baby.
  • Although Pamela Anderson is often cited as being the Centennial Baby because she was born on July 1, 1967, at 4:08 am, Kara Ffolliott was born at 12:18 am, making her the Centennial Baby.
  • From 1917 through 1921, alcohol was prohibited in BC.
  • The wettest city in Canada is Prince Rupert in British Columbia. It receives over 239 days of rain per year and an average of 2,500 mm of rain each year.
  • The highest waterfall in Canada is located on Vancouver Island.

Observing British Columbia Day

British Columbia Day is sometimes referred to as the “long weekend.” Since it falls on a Monday, it gives many residents a three-day weekend that they can use for camping, hiking, or canoe trips. In some areas, fireworks displays, cultural events, and parades may be held. On this day, post offices, some businesses, and libraries are closed. Public transportation in certain areas may also be running at a reduced capacity or not run at all.

Where is it celebrated?
Canada (Common local holidays) - British columbia
When is it?
This year (2024)
August 5 Monday
Next year (2025)
August 4 Monday
Last year (2023)
August 7 Monday