Independence Day in Yemen

November 30th is a national holiday celebrated in Yemen. This holiday is Independence Day, and it commemorates the country’s declaration of independence from the United Kingdom in South Yemen in 1967. It became the Republic of Yemen, the second-largest country located on the Arabian Peninsula.

The importance of this holiday is reflected in the number of celebrations observed. People throughout the country attend parades, festivals, carnivals, and concerts on this day. There are also sporting events and firework displays. And because it’s a public holiday, people have the day off, and many institutions are closed.

The History of Independence Day in Yemen

During the 19th century, Great Britain became involved with the region that is now Yemen because they saw it as an important strategic location. In 1874, it was made the Aden Protectorate and remained so until after WWII. After this war, a wave of Arab nationalism swept the region, accompanied by a particularly strong anti-British sentiment.

Resistance against Great Britain grew, and on December 10th, 1963, a state of emergency was declared in the area. The National Liberation Front increased their guerrilla attacks against British forces, forcing them to withdraw from the region. The NLF declared the People’s Republic of South Yemen, a country consisting of not only Aden but also the former Protectorate of South Arabia.

Observing Independence Day in Yemen

This holiday is widely observed across Yemen. Not only are there parades, festivals, sporting events, and other activities, but there are also fireworks and cultural exhibitions. Food also plays an important role in this holiday, with dishes such as Saltah, Kabsa, and Fahsa. Shahi Haleeb, or milk tea, is also an important beverage on this holiday.

Where is it celebrated?
Yemen (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
November 30 Saturday
Next year (2025)
November 30 Sunday
Last year (2023)
November 30 Thursday