International Falafel Day

Although falafel is a dish that originated in the Middle East, it is now a food that’s enjoyed all around the world. This deep-fried ball (or sometimes patty-shaped) fritter is made using ground chickpeas and/or broad beans that are fried and were originally sold by street vendors, but they can now be found in many restaurants.

People can even buy frozen falafels at their local grocery store. This dish has become particularly popular among vegetarians and vegans due to its lack of animal products. This food has become so popular that a holiday has even been created around it.

This holiday is known as International Falafel Day and it is observed annually on June 12th. On this date, everyone is encouraged to enjoy one with friends and family.

The History of Falafel Day

Although the history of falafel is somewhat obscure with several Middle Eastern countries claiming credit for having invented it, the one thing that is crystal clear is that this food has been around for a very long time.

Most historians believe they originated in Egypt, but as we said, there are several countries that dispute this origin. Regardless of where it originally began, we do know that it quickly spread from the Middle East through Europe over the course of many centuries.

It is often served as a vegetarian option for Ramadan and other religious holidays where there are dietary restrictions. International Falafel Day was created in 2012 by Ben Lang. He was an entrepreneur and co-founder of Innovation Israel and he wanted to popularize falafel to people who might not be aware of its existence.

People familiar with food holidays might also recognize Ben Lang’s name for another holiday he created: International Hummus Day. That holiday is observed annually on May 13th and celebrates another chickpea-based product.

Observing Falafel Day

Anyone and everyone who wants to observe this holiday can do so by visiting a restaurant or street vendor that serves this food, or by making their own. Making falafel isn’t as hard as people initially think it is, and there are a number of great recipes that can be found on the internet. We prefer traditional falafel, but that’s just us.

Some people might want to try a variation on the basic dish. While people are enjoying their falafel, they can also learn more about this iconic dish, or they can take the time to spread the word about Falafel Day on the internet using the hashtag #FalafelDay.

Falafel is a delicious food that isn’t as commonly known in the U.S. as it should be, but that is definitely beginning to change — mainly in part due to the popularity of this holiday.

When is it?
This year (2024)
June 12 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
June 12 Thursday
Last year (2023)
June 12 Monday
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