International Fun At Work Day

April 1st is observed annually as International Fun at Work Day. It’s a day that encourages both employers and employees to take a break from the day-to-day grind and inject a bit of levity into the workplace. Let’s face facts: going to work can be a drag, and it’s a special form of monotony that just seems to grind on most people’s nerves.

This not only makes the workplace unpleasant but can also lead to mental and physical burnout. That’s why it’s important for people to take the occasional break from what they ordinarily do on the job and have a little bit of fun.

The History of International Fun at Work Day

This holiday was first created by Playfair in 1996. This company was created to provide school campuses with popular attractions for new student orientation. Every year, this company puts on more than 400 on-campus performances.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that they would create a holiday that emphasizes having fun in the workplace. Now, this holiday has been observed by businesses all over the globe for the past 27+ years, and it looks like it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Observing International Fun at Work Day

Obviously, this is a holiday that encourages people to have fun at work, so that should be the main priority of this day. We’re thinking an office party is a great place to start, as long as the employer is willing.

People can bond over food and drink and engage in fun office games. We encourage everyone observing this holiday with their fellow employees to use the hashtag #InternationalFunAtWorkDay on social media.

Let everyone know about this holiday so they can let off some steam as well. After all, work is a stressful environment, and everyone needs a break every now and then. Let’s all work together so everyone can have that break and have some fun.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 1 Monday
Next year (2025)
April 1 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
April 1 Saturday
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