National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

National Tell A Fairy Tale Day is a holiday that falls on February 26th and is observed annually. It’s a day when people are encouraged to read fairy tales—either for their entertainment or to get their children interested in reading them.

Fairy tales are some of the earliest forms of literature and are still an important part of every child’s education. Any parent who wants to make sure their children become interested in reading can begin by introducing them to these tales of princesses, dragons, and monsters.

Fun Facts About Fairy Tales

We understand that there might not be many people nowadays who are familiar with fairy tales, or more specifically, the history of fairy tales. That’s why we decided to list some fun facts that we learned about them while we were researching this holiday. We feel the following facts are a great primer for anyone looking to become acquainted or reacquainted with fairy tales.

  • In some versions of Little Red Riding Hood, the heroine is carrying wine and cake. In other versions, it’s grape juice and banana bread.
  • There are over 700 different versions of Cinderella worldwide.
  • Fairy tales about runaway foods are common in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia.
  • In an earlier version of Cinderella, one of the stepsisters cuts off her toes to make the glass slipper fit her foot.
  • In some versions of Little Red Riding Hood, the heroine doesn’t have to deal with a wolf but instead has to deal with an ogre.
  • Other versions of Little Red Riding Hood have her dealing with a lycanthrope—otherwise known as a werewolf.
  • Little Red Riding Hood was introduced in Tales of Mother Goose by Charles Perrault, written in 1697.

Observing National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

The best way to observe this holiday is by picking up some fairy tales to read. There are tales from all around the world, so there are plenty of stories to choose from. If you’re unsure of which fairy tales to start with, then you might want to start with the basics.

And for most people, the basics begin with the Brothers Grimm’s retelling of early 19th-century German fairy tales. Some of the famous stories in this collection include Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, and The Frog Prince.

Of course, the Brothers Grimm tales were often dark, so some people prefer lighter reading material such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Robert Southey, The Tinderbox by Hans Christian Andersen, or Beauty and the Beast by Madame Leprince de Beaumont. Also available are modern versions of these stories either in book or cartoon form. Enjoying any of them is a great way to observe National Tell A Fairy Tale Day.

When is it?
This year (2024)
February 26 Monday
Next year (2025)
February 26 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
February 26 Sunday
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