World Book Day

World Book Day is an annual event which takes place on April 23rd in most places around the world and on the first Thursday in March in the United Kingdom. This day was established to encourage people to get engaged with literature and to promote not only reading but also publishing. This event holiday is also known as International Day of the Book, World Book Days and World Book and Copyright Day.

History of World Book Day

In 1995, at UNESCO’s General Conference, it was decided that April 23rd would be named World Book and Copyright Day as a way to pay tribute to books and authors. It was also determined that this day would be good for encouraging everyone to read and enjoy the pleasures that go along with it. April 23rd was chosen because that is the date when Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Vladimir Nabokov, Maurice Druon and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all died; all of them are famous authors.

World Book Day Customs & Traditions

This annual event isn’t celebrated on April 23rd in all countries. In some countries, it conflicts with other holidays or events. For instance, it conflicted with Easter school holidays in the U.K., so it is celebrated on the first Thursday in March in the United Kingdom. In Sweden, it is normally observed on April 23rd but in 2000 and 2011 it was moved so it wouldn’t conflict with Easter.

Many places all over the world offer plays and special readings to encourage children to read. In the United Kingdom, children can purchase special books for a £1 using a National Book Token at one of the many participating booksellers and publishers. For those who want to purchase a book that isn’t on the special list can get a £1 a full-price book instead.

Where is World Book Day celebrated?

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