International Repair Day

International Repair Day is a holiday observed on the third Saturday in October, encouraging everyone to try their hand at maintaining or fixing something broken. This day pushes back against our modern society’s habit of discarding things when they break instead of taking the time to repair them.

Many machines and devices that end up in landfills could have been fixed if their owners were inclined to do so. This holiday is observed not only by individuals but also by groups who come together to fix a common electrical or mechanical problem.

The History of International Repair Day

International Repair Day was created by the Open Repair Alliance in 2017—an international organization working towards a world where electronic products are sustainable and easier to repair.

Before creating this day, they ran repair cafes where DIY enthusiasts, handymen and women, and electricians came together to fix things. The foundation helped organizations set up these repair cafes to reduce waste. Eventually, the repair cafe model became so popular that it was necessary to create a holiday around it.

Facts About Why It’s Better to Repair Than Buy New

Now that we’ve gone over the basic premise of this holiday, we would like to delve into its nuts and bolts. The following facts were uncovered during our research for this holiday. We think these factoids perfectly highlight why more people should repair their broken devices rather than discard them and buy new ones.

  • About eight out of ten people would rather buy from companies that reduce their environmental impact.
  • Approximately nine out of ten people are willing to buy more “green” goods over the next year.
  • Approximately 75% of people feel they can contribute to solving climate change with a more proactive approach.
  • Currently, hair dryers, irons, and electric kettles have a life expectancy of 2-3 years.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers have an expected lifespan of 3-6 years.

Observing International Repair Day

People can observe this day by taking the time to join or start their own repair cafes and restart parties. A knowledgeable group of volunteers can fix a wide variety of devices with a little bit of determination. People should also spread the news about this holiday using the hashtag #InternationalRepairDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 19 Saturday
Next year (2025)
October 18 Saturday
Last year (2023)
October 21 Saturday
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