Isabel Province Day

The Isabel Province is a province of the Solomon Islands and has a population of approximately 35,000+ people as of 2021. The capital of this province is Buala, Santa Isabel Island and it’s a province that’s rarely visited by tourists due to lack of proper infrastructures such as hotels, roads, bridges, and modern medical care.

It’s also an area where endemic malaria is a major problem. However, those problems don’t prevent the citizens of this province from celebrating Isabel Province Day. This is a day that not only celebrates the culture of this area but is also a day for people to work towards and advocate for better civil services.

Interesting Facts About The Isabel Province In The Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands has 9 provinces, 6 large islands, and a few hundred smaller islands, but one province stands out and that’s the Isabel Province. In this section, we’d like to talk about this province, so that everyone has a better idea of the culture as they’re reading about Isabel Province Day.

  • The capital of this Province is Buala.
  • Buala has a population of 2,700 people (As of 2021).
  • In this province are “rest houses” that visitors can use for a night or two.
  • The Isabel Province is also spelled as Ysabel Province.
  • The highest point on Santa Isabel is Mount Sasari. It’s approximately 1,220-meters high.
  • An airstrip is located in Fera.
  • In the village of Kia, most of the buildings are built on stilts over the clear lagoon.

Observing Isabel Province Day

This holiday is usually observed very simply with a flag-raising ceremony at the capital and by festivals all across the province. It’s a day for people to get together with friends and family members and enjoy eating yams, taros, fish, and a variety of other dishes.

Where is it celebrated?
Solomon Islands (Local holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
June 2 Friday
Next year (2024)
June 2 Sunday
Last year (2022)
June 2 Thursday