Love Litigating Lawyers Day

Every August 31st is observed as Love Litigating Lawyers Day. It’s a holiday that attempts to change people’s minds about litigating lawyers and the services they perform. If you ask the average person to give you their opinion on lawyers, then more often than not, you’ll find out that they don’t have a very high opinion of them.

In fact, many people think of lawyers as heartless and cold individuals who are only in it for the money. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that the average lawyer is just like anyone else. They have friends and family, hopes, and dreams. This holiday is a reminder of that fact.

The History of Love Litigating Lawyers Day

This holiday was first created by the American Bar Association Practice Council in October 2015. It was conceived as a holiday that recognized the hard work of litigating lawyers and the good they have done for the public. It was a holiday designed to take aim at the stereotypes that surround this profession.

This was done after a 2014 Gallup Poll revealed that most people’s perception of lawyers was very negative, with only about a fifth of those interviewed saying that lawyers were honest and ethical. Love Litigating Lawyers Day has been celebrated ever since 2015, with the date of the holiday being changed to August 31st in 2016.

Some Quick Facts About Lawyers

We can’t dispel the stereotypes surrounding the lawyer profession without first shedding some light on what lawyers actually do. So we did a bit of research and came up with the following facts. We hope the points below will give people a better understanding of lawyers, or at the very least, encourage them to do their own research.

  • There are currently over 1.3 million lawyers in the U.S.
  • Arabella Mansfield is the first woman in U.S. history to become a lawyer.
  • Lawyers’ salaries vary greatly depending on their state, their specialty, and their experience. Typically, a lawyer can earn anywhere from $49 an hour to over $1,500 an hour.
  • The law profession can be traced back to the Roman Empire.

Observing Love Litigating Lawyers Day

This holiday is easy enough for most people to celebrate. If they know a litigating lawyer, then they should take the time to thank them personally. If they don’t, then they can give all litigators a thank you through social media using the hashtag #LoveLitigatingLawyersDay. People can also take the time to learn more about litigators and the job they perform every day.

When is it?
This year (2024)
August 31 Saturday
Next year (2025)
August 31 Sunday
Last year (2023)
August 31 Thursday
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