Maore Day

Maore Day is ⁢a holiday that falls on the 12th day of November in Comoros and is also ⁢known as Journée Nationale​ Maoré. Comoros ⁤is an island nation ⁢located in the Indian Ocean, off Africa’s east coast.

This⁣ holiday commemorates the​ date in 1975‌ when three ⁢islands were admitted to the United Nations after an independence referendum.‌ However,‍ the fourth island, Mayotte, ‍chose to remain with France ⁢instead of joining Comoros. ‌It is also a ‌day that denounces the continued French occupation of the fourth island of Comoros.

The ‍History of Maore Day

In 1841, ‌France⁤ took control of Mayotte and, not ‍long​ after, the other three islands of Comoros. In 1912, the⁤ islands were⁤ united and became a province of the colony of ‍Madagascar.

By 1961, Comoros gained autonomous rule within the greater French community, ‌and by July 6th, 1975,⁣ they had become full members of the United ⁣Nations. On the 12th of November, all four islands were​ admitted into the United Nations as full members. However, only three of the⁤ islands voted for independence. Mayotte chose to stay under the administration ⁣of⁤ France, separating her from the rest of Comoros ⁤and aligning her interests‍ with France.

Although the United Nations has adopted resolutions recognizing ⁣Comoros’s ⁤independence, France still maintains a presence on Mayotte. November 12th was established as Maore Day to ⁤condemn France’s‍ continued presence on the island.

Observing Maore ⁢Day

This holiday is ‍primarily a day‌ used to protest the French presence on the island‌ of Mayotte, but some people also‌ use‌ it ‌as a day off. It is a day when some‍ people spend time with loved ‌ones or engage in activities ⁤they ⁤enjoy.

Where is it celebrated?
Comoros (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
November 12 Tuesday
Next year (2025)
November 12 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
November 12 Sunday