Maore Day

Maore Day is a holiday that falls on the 12th day of November in Comoros and is also known as Journée Nationale Maoré. Comoros is an island nation that’s located in the Indian Ocean and is located off of Africa’s east coast.

This is a holiday that remembers the date in 1975 when three islands became admitted to the United Nations after an independence referendum. However, the fourth island, Mayotte, decided to break away from Comoros and instead decided to remain with France. It’s also a holiday that denounces the continued occupation of the fourth island of Comoros.

The History Of Maore Day

In 1841, France would end up taking control of Mayotte, and then not long after, they would take over the other three islands of Comoros. In 1912, the islands were united and became a province of the colony of Madagascar.

In 1961, Comoros gained autonomous rule inside the greater French community and by July 6th of 1975, they had become full members of the United Nations. On the 12th of November, all four islands were admitted into the United Nations as full members. However, only 3 of the islands actually voted for independence. Mayotte decided to stay under the administration of France. This basically broke Mayotte from the rest of Comoros and aligned her interests with France.

Although the United Nations had adopted one resolution after another to recognized Comoros’s independence, France still maintains an occupying force on Mayotte. November 12th was created as Maore Day to condemn Frances’ continued presence on Mayotte.

Observing Maore Day

This holiday is mainly a day used to protest the French presence on the island of Mayotte, but some people also use it as a day off. It’s a day that some people use to spend time with loved ones or to engage in some of the activities that they enjoy.

Where is it celebrated?
Comoros (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
November 12 Sunday
Next year (2024)
November 12 Tuesday
Last year (2022)
November 12 Saturday