National Auctioneers Day

Observed annually on the third Thursday in April, National Auctioneers Day is a holiday that honors those people who conduct auctions. Auctions are sales in which property or goods are sold to the highest bidder, and auctioneers are the ones who keep them running smoothly.

Anyone who has ever watched an auctioneer do their job will quickly realize just how tough of an assignment that can be. However, auctioneers manage to do it with grace and a little bit of style. They are the reason why auctions have been performed for over 2,000 years and still remain a popular way of selling stuff.

The History of National Auctioneers Day

While auctions have been held since 500 B.C., the holiday that celebrates auctioneers has only been around for a few decades. It was officially celebrated back in the mid-1990s, and it has been used as a holiday to honor auctioneers ever since.

Interesting Facts About Auctioneers

Let’s go over some interesting facts about auctioneers, shall we? We’ve found the following factoids while we were researching this holiday and would like to now share them with everyone joining us right now.

  • The word auction comes from the Latin word “Auctus,” which means increasing.
  • The first nation to license auctioneers was Rome.
  • Auctions have been in use since about 500 B.C.
  • In 1995, eBay was founded and would introduce everyone to the world of online auctions.
  • Candles were used in the 18th century to determine the winner of an auction.

Observing National Auctioneers Day

There are several ways to celebrate National Auctioneers Day. A person can take the time to attend one of the many auctions that take place all over the world every year, and they can take a few moments to thank their favorite auctioneer.

Another way a person can observe this holiday is by taking the time to spread the word about it using the hashtag #NationalAuctioneersDay on their social media accounts on this day.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 20 Saturday
Next year (2025)
April 19 Saturday
Last year (2023)
April 15 Saturday
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