National Catholic Schools Week

National Catholic Schools Week is a celebration of Catholic education in the U.S that’s been observed for over 48+ years. It begins on the last Sunday in January and runs the entire week till Saturday. Every year, there’s a variety of different events that take place and a theme that binds all of these activities together.

In 2022, the theme of this holiday was “Faith. Excellence. Service.” Each Catholic school will celebrate this holiday in different ways, but typically the celebrations are used to illustrate the excellence of Catholic education as well as the value the school provides to the local community.

The History Of National Catholic Schools Week

This holiday week was created in 1974 by the National Catholic Educational Association — otherwise known as the NCEA. During its fledgling year, this holiday was celebrated by Catholic schools all across the country with masses, open houses, activities for teachers and students, and special celebrations for parishioners, community members, and families of students.

Interesting Facts About Catholic Education In The U.S.

Below are some facts we’ve uncovered about Catholic schools in the United States. We found the following facts while we were researching National Catholic Schools Week.

  • In 2014, about 4.5 million American children attended private schools and about 2-million attended Catholic schools.
  • According to the NCEA, 99% of students who attend Catholic high school graduate.
  • Graduates of Catholic high schools are more likely to vote than those that attend public schools.

Observing National Catholic Schools Week

For many Catholic schools across the U.S, this week is one that allows them to show off the benefits to potential students and parents. It’s also a time when many schools give back to the local community. And it’s also when schools throw special events, hold masses, and hold open houses. The word about this holiday week can be spread over the Internet using the hashtag #CatholicSchoolsWeek.

Where is National Catholic Schools Week celebrated?

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