National S’mores Day

National S’mores Day is a day that is celebrated on August 10th as a way to honor the iconic campfire treat, the S’more. This holiday is celebrated across the United States – mainly by boy scouts and girls scouts – but can be enjoyed by anyone who has a love of this treat or fond memories of eating it during their youth.


While the history of this holiday is unknown, the history of s’mores is fairly well documented. They were originally called “some mores” and the recipe was first revealed in a girl’s scout book from 1927 called Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. In 1956, the recipe was once again printed in a book called “The Omnibus Of Fun” but this time it had a new name: s’mores (a contraction of some mores).

The original recipe of this treat is really simple. A sandwich of two graham crackers is made with toasted marshmallow and half of a chocolate bar.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

Mational S’mores Day is enjoyed by making a s’more and start enjoying it. This holiday can be celebrated at home, but is likely more fun when celebrated around a campfire. In that way, a real s’more can be created the way it was intended – over the campfire.

Where is National S’mores Day celebrated?

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