National Devil Dog Day

Two layers of cake and a cream filling really are the dream, hence why we celebrate National Devil Dog Day on April 27th. Drake’s Food is the famous brand behind it and who gave it the name many people know and love, almost as much as the sugary treat itself. But what is it about the cake that means it deserves a day of its own? Let’s find out.

What Is National Devil Dog Day?

The cream-filled cake should be something that anyone can enjoy at any time, but where does the name come from? It is said that the name is derived from the Marine Corps of the same name. The Germans gave them the name ‘Devil Dogs’ for their persistence, especially under fire. This was picked up and used as a way of heightening morale in the US during the war effort. There’s nothing quite like a Devil Dog.

Some say this is where the name of this popular cake came from. Drake’s was the brand behind the original Devil Dog, and they were sold. Different companies have produced them over the years, but it is now McKee Food Corporation that produces the fine Dogs we love today.

The day itself has a humble beginning. It was the sharing of the cakes between a grandfather and grandson that the day can be credited to. Sean Alexander Sorbel used to watch his granddad pick them from his cupboard as a young man. Then, they used to share them together. There’s nothing like a family bonding over a nice snack. When he passed, Sean made it so it became a national day, so others can enjoy National Devil Dog Day. It’s an original story that warms the heart.

How To Observe National Devil Dog Day

The most obvious way is to get involved and tuck into a Devil Dog yourself. They are easy to find in supermarkets and, of course, difficult to share. Still, we’re sure you can bear to part with one or two when it comes to family. Otherwise, why not make some homemade versions? There are plenty of useful recipes online, and you can even add your own twist.

In honor of the way the day came about, why not share one with a grandparent? This can be a nice way to bond and create a special memory on April 27th. Use the hashtag #NationalDevilDogDay to see how others are getting involved. This is a great way to share the love, so others can see your efforts as well. It might encourage someone else to bond over a Devil Dog. Not everyone knows what they are, especially outside of the US, so it can be a good chance to spread some awareness of it on different shores.

They may not be so easily available, but it can be fun to show the world that we have some pretty fun National Days of the Year. Not just that, when it comes to April 27th, we also have some of the most delicious.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 27 Saturday
Next year (2025)
April 27 Sunday
Last year (2023)
April 27 Thursday
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