National Hug A Plumber Day

Okay, it’s always best to ask or get to know them a little first, but the people who come and fix your leaks and pipes are human too. So, why not observe National Hug A Plumber Day on April 25th? Think of the times they have literally come to rescue you from a potential disaster and let them know you care in different ways.

What Is National Hug A Plumber Day?

It has been in existence since 2009, with many people showing their thanks to the individuals who literally keep the water flowing. It is plumbers who are to thank for the hygiene standards we have today; otherwise, we would be finding our own ways of getting rid of waste and sourcing clean water. Many of our day-to-day activities that we take for granted can be attributed in some way to their expertise. Think of the washing machine and dishwasher – who connected them, and who would you call if they broke?

So, this is a day to get in contact with your plumber to show them that they are valued. Hopefully, the person you are in contact with during these mini-emergencies will be receiving plenty of gratitude from different people, so they know what people think of them.

In many countries, a person must have certain qualifications before they can start to call themselves a plumber. This can take years of training, which goes to show that it is not an easy task. It can also be a dangerous occupation. Sometimes they have to work at heights or deal with human waste, which can be full of harmful bacteria and more. There are also scalds and burns from hot water and pipes, as well as the fact that some buildings have asbestos for them to work near. It’s not easy being a plumber, so they deserve our gratitude.

How To Observe National Hug A Plumber Day

For us, it can start with a hug, but why not show them your thanks with a handwritten note? Even a small gift can go a long way. Plumbers keep the water running safely and do a lot more, so they are definitely worthy of a little thanks. Sometimes it can be nice to give a voucher, or go a little beyond and recommend their services.

April 25th can be a good day to spread the word that your plumber is reliable and does a great job. This might be the best thanks of all, as gaining new clients is going to be a huge boost for them. Use the hashtag #NationalHugAPlumberDay to spread the word so other people observe the day in the same way. This can also show inventive ways that other people may be getting involved.

Don’t forget that it can be nice to actually give a hug and show them that you are grateful they come to the rescue. Whatever you do, the effort will likely go a long way. Be sure to start by letting your plumber know it is National Hug A Plumber Day so they aren’t surprised by the gesture.

When is it?
This year (2024)
April 25 Thursday
Next year (2025)
April 25 Friday
Last year (2023)
April 25 Tuesday
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