National Lager Day

Although the position of the top consumed beverages in the world changes from year to year, there are usually three beverages that make it in the top three positions most of the time. These are tea, coffee, and beer. And beer has been one of the most consumed beverages not only in the past few years but over most of human civilization. All of which is probably why someone decided to create a holiday to honor and celebrate it. This holiday is known as National Lager Day and it’s observed annually on December 10th.

The History Of Beer

We’re going to be straightforward with everyone reading about National Lager Day and say that we’re unsure when this holiday was invented. So we decided to instead research the history of beer instead and that led us down a very interesting path. It seems that beer has a long history and has been an important part of human civilization since almost the beginning.

The first known evidence of beer is a Sumerian poem that was made in Mesopotamia approximately 3,900-years ago. It contained, among other things, the oldest surviving beer recipe. It described the production of beer from barley. Scientists know that beer was first invented approximately 5,000-years ago because workers in the city of Uruk were paid in beer. It’s also believed to have been made in Egypt and other places around the world as well.

Many of these ancient beers were exceptionally thick-more like the consistency of gruel than the beer we enjoy nowadays. In ancient Egypt, beer became a part of religious services, but in ancient Rome, beer fell out of favor and was replaced in popularity by wine. In other places, however, beer began to flourish and more and more people enjoyed it.

By the time of the Middle Ages, beer was one of the most common drinks consumed. In many areas of northern and eastern Europe, grape cultivation was difficult or impossible, so beer was a great way to create an alcoholic drink. These beers were extremely watered down, but they were closer to modern beers than the ancient beers that were brewed previously. At the beginning of the medieval period, beer making that was done by families in their homes, but by the 14th century, beer making had become more artisan. It had become a product brewed in pubs and monasteries. This is when the quality of beer began to increase and become more like the beers we enjoy today. From the Middle Ages on, beers continued to become refined into the products that we know today.

Observing National Lager Day

The best way to enjoy this holiday is to take a few moments and enjoy your favorite lager. Fortunately, there are thousands of different lagers found around the world from which we can choose. So choose the one that you feel you like the best (if you’re of legal age to drink) and then let the world know of your choice using the hashtag #NationalLagerDay on your social media posts for the day.

When is it?
This year (2023)
December 10 Sunday
Next year (2024)
December 10 Tuesday
Last year (2022)
December 10 Saturday
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