National Oyster Day

Not everyone agrees on the deliciousness of oysters, but for those who do find this food delicious, they might want to celebrate National Oyster Day. It’s a holiday where people can enjoy all the dishes that can be made with these little mollusks—although we do admit that they might not be appetizing for everyone.

This holiday is celebrated annually on the 5th day of August.

The History of National Oyster Day

Although it’s not very clear when National Oyster Day was created, it was more than likely started by an organization representing the fishing industry in an attempt to get more people to cook with and consume oysters.

And because it’s a day that wasn’t established by an act of Congress or a presidential proclamation, we can state that this isn’t an official national holiday—at least, not at this time.

The History of Oysters

Even though oysters are now celebrated as a high-end or even gourmet food, that hasn’t always been the case. During the early days of the 19th century, oysters were food that was eaten mainly by the working classes.

This is mainly due to the large availability of oysters around many North American and European port cities and their unregulated harvest. They were extremely cheap because they could be found everywhere. New Yorkers during this time were said to consume approximately 600 oysters per year on average.

The large demand for oysters and over-harvesting limited the supply of oysters later on, and this was worsened by a variety of diseases that killed off many of the oyster beds. This resulted in oyster prices skyrocketing and making them less likely to be food consumed by the working classes. Nowadays, it’s estimated that the average American only eats about three oysters a year.

Fun Facts About Oysters

Oysters are not only a mysterious and delicious delicacy, but they are also an interesting one. Don’t believe us? Well, then you might want to check out some of the interesting facts about these mollusks.

  • They are amazing water filterers.
  • Oyster reefs are capable of preventing natural erosion from storms.
  • Oysters are high in zinc.
  • Almost 90% of oyster reefs have disappeared.
  • Oysters can change their sex.

How to Celebrate National Oyster Day

National Oyster Day can be celebrated by buying oysters and cooking them in your favorite way. Some people like to eat oysters raw with just a squirt of lemon, while others need their oysters thoroughly cooked before they can enjoy them. Below are some of the oyster dishes that consumers can order to celebrate this very tasty holiday.

Typical Oyster Dishes:

When is it?
This year (2024)
August 5 Monday
Next year (2025)
August 5 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
August 5 Saturday
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