National Save Your Hearing Day

National Save Your Hearing Day is a holiday that’s observed every year on May 31st. It’s a holiday that recognizes the importance of protecting your hearing and the hearing of your family.

Hearing loss is a condition that can result from environmental factors, illness, genetic factors, neurobiological disorders, accidents, and a ton of other factors. That’s why it’s important for all of us to eliminate as many of these risk factors as possible to ensure that we can keep our hearing throughout our entire life.

Some Informative Facts About Hearing

Below are some facts about hearing that we feel everyone should be interested in learning about. Let’s take a few moments and cover the following facts before we start talking about how this day should be observed.

  • In World War I, parrots were used on the Eiffel Tower in Paris to listen for enemy aircraft.
  • By the age of 65, one in three adults will experience some form of hearing loss.
  • Most hearing loss happens to people who are under the age of 65.
  • Wearing headphones for 60-minutes will increase the bacteria in a person’s ear by 700-times.
  • Sound travels at about 761 miles per hour.
  • The number one cause of hearing loss is exposure to sounds above 85-decibels.

Observing National Save Your Hearing Day

This day should serve as a reminder for everyone to get their ears checked on a regular basis and to use ear protection when using noisy pieces of equipment or while in noisy environments.

People should also make sure to avoid listening to loud music, especially while wearing headphones. And finally, people should take the time to use the hashtag #NationalSaveYourHearingDay to spread the word about this holiday.

When is it?
This year (2023)
May 31 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
May 31 Friday
Last year (2022)
May 31 Tuesday
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