National School Choice Week

National School Choice Week occurs during the last week of January and it’s a day that celebrates the philosophy of school choice in the United States. According to this philosophy, children all learn differently and so there should be different school options available to them.

Historically, school choice has existed since the founding of the U.S when wealthy families often chose their children’s school based on its prestige, location, or based on the family religious preferences. Modern school choice philosophy came into its own during the 1950s and has continued on ever since under the umbrella of various liberal and conservative policies.

The History Of National School Choice Week

This week was created by NSCW as an educational, nonpartisan, and non-political holiday. This holiday week was placed in January because this gives parents and students plenty of time to check out new potential schools and still have time to register in the fall. The celebration of National School Choice Week began to pick up during the COVID-19 pandemic as parents began to think more about their children’s school options.

Facts About U.S Education

Below are some facts about education in the United States that we hope sheds light on why school choice has been and continues to be a viable choice.

  • Approximately 97% of low-income students rely on their schools for Internet access.
  • Approximately 40 million students don’t have access to the Internet in their schools.
  • A third-grade student who reads at their age level is four times more likely to graduate high school than a third-grader who doesn’t.

Observing National School Choice Week

Parents can use this week to start looking for schools for their children. The NCSW also gives free supplies to home school groups, organizations, and schools who request them, and who have participated in NSCW in the past. To spread the word about this holiday, people are encouraged to use the hashtag #NationalSchoolChoiceWeek on their social media accounts.

When is it?
This year (2023)
January 22 Sunday
Next year (2024)
January 21 Sunday
Last year (2022)
January 23 Sunday
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