National Rosé Day

National Rosé Day is a holiday observed on the second Saturday in June annually. It’s a day when everyone is encouraged to grab a bottle of this wine and pour themselves a glass. Rosé is a type of wine that has been around since ancient times, allowing consumers to not only enjoy the light color and subtle flavor of this wine but also its long and rich history.

The History of National Rosé Day

National Rosé Day is a holiday that was first proposed by a company specializing in Rosé wines, Bodvar, in 2014. It was proposed to encourage people to enjoy the subtle flavors and aroma of these wines and to inform people that it’s one of the most versatile types of wines available today. It has been observed ever since.

Facts About Rosé Wine

Even though you might think that you know everything there is to know about Rosé wine, the truth is that there are probably one or two things that you don’t know. That’s why we’ve decided to write this section. We’ve gathered together what we feel are some of the best Rosé wine facts we could find, so everyone can impress their friends and family with some great trivia about this type of wine.

This Wine Gets Its Color From Grape Skins

Rosé wine is made by immersing the skin of red grapes in the wine for a minimum of two hours to a maximum of twenty hours. The quicker the grape skins are removed from the wine, the lighter its color will be, and the longer they’re in the wine, the darker it will be.

There Are Pairings for Just About Any Dish

The best thing about Rosé wine is that it’s one of the more versatile wines available. There are pairings for just about any food. It doesn’t matter if you’re pairing it with fruit and cheese or with hamburgers and Tex-Mex; there’s a Rosé wine perfect for the job.

Rosé Wines Are More Affordable

Another strength of Rosé wine, besides its versatility, is that it’s an inexpensive choice. It’s a lot less expensive than most major label red wines but is still pretty good.

Rosé Doesn’t Have a Long Shelf Life

Although some wines can be kept at a controlled temperature for hundreds of years, Rosé isn’t such a wine. In fact, most experts would say that this wine should only be stored for a maximum of two to three years at most. In other words, this isn’t a wine that gets better with age. Sorry.

Observing National Rosé Day

National Rosé Day can be observed by cracking open a bottle of Rosé wine and throwing a dinner party or simply while hanging out with friends. Rosé wine goes with a variety of different foods, so plan a party and enjoy this day in style.

When is it?
This year (2024)
June 8 Saturday
Next year (2025)
June 14 Saturday
Last year (2023)
June 10 Saturday
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