Mother Ocean Day

Mother Ocean Day is an annual reminder to all of us that the ocean is important for the survival of not only a variety of marine animals but also humanity itself. The oceans regulate our climate, provide us with food, and, most importantly, create most of the oxygen that we need to survive.

This makes them important to every species on this planet, including us, as well as to the economies of the world. That’s why it’s important for all of us to do our part to keep our oceans clean and self-sustaining. Unfortunately, that task is harder than it sounds. It’s going to take more than our individual drive to save our oceans; it’s going to take the entire world’s efforts.

The History of Mother Ocean Day

The history of this holiday is likely not what most people are expecting when they hear about it. Most people would assume that this holiday was created by a government agency or by some international global conservatory group.

Both of those assumptions would be false. This holiday was actually invented by the South Florida Kayak Fishing Club in 2013. They created this holiday to remind people to appreciate the awe and beauty of the ocean and to remind them that the human race is sunk if the ocean dies.

Some Important Facts About the Ocean

Below are some facts that we feel everyone interested in Mother Ocean Day is going to want to know about. We derived the following facts about the ocean from reputable sources from all over the internet, and we hope that these facts prove to be useful to our discussion today.

  • The Earth’s oceans cover more than 70% of the planet’s surface.
  • Most of the life living on Earth is aquatic. Approximately 94% of all Earth’s living species reside in the oceans.
  • Only about 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored.
  • More historic artifacts are in the ocean than in all of the world’s museums.
  • There are over 240,000 known species in the oceans, but scientists believe that this is only a small representation of the ocean’s total species.

Observing Mother Ocean Day

There are a number of different ways for people to protect the ocean and, in the process, observe Mother Ocean Day. People can reduce waste, especially plastic waste, and conserve water.

People can also reduce vehicle pollution, use less energy, and fish responsibly. And people can donate to organizations that are actively protecting the oceans for the benefit of generations to come. People can spread the news of this holiday by using the hashtag #MotherOceanDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 10 Friday
Next year (2025)
May 10 Saturday
Last year (2023)
May 10 Wednesday
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