National Weather Observers Day

A weather observer is someone who has been authorized to record meteorological observations by a weather authority. Weather stations and local broadcasts all over the world use them to help provide people with the latest and most accurate weather information. Their work in the field of meteorology is extremely important, which is why National Weather Observers Day was created.

This holiday is observed on May 4th every year and honors those people who watch the skies for all of us. Of course, this holiday can be enjoyed not only by professional weather observers but also by amateur observers who enjoy keeping an eye on the weather for fun.

The History of National Weather Observers Day

National Weather Observers Day was created by Alan Brue in 1989 to honor weather observers—both amateur and professional alike—and to celebrate the weather. It’s a holiday that has been celebrated ever since by anyone who’s a fan of the weather.

Fun Facts About Weather

Below are some interesting facts about weather and weather observers. Hopefully, you’ll find them as interesting as we did when we found out about them.

  • If autumn weather is mild, then the spiders in the home are going to be bigger.
  • Every minute, 2,000 thunderstorms begin on Earth.
  • In July of 2001, the rain in Kerala, India, was red.
  • A thunderstorm can produce winds in excess of 160 kilometers per hour.
  • Wildfires can create a phenomenon known as fire whirls. These are essentially fire tornadoes.
  • Some frogs begin to croak loudly before it starts raining.
  • In 1684, the Thames River froze for two months straight.
  • Black blizzards are dust storms that have mixed with dirt.
  • Worms can often sense when a flood is coming.

Observing National Weather Observers Day

People who want to give a shout-out to weather observers can do so by using the hashtag #NationalWeatherObserversDay on their social media accounts. They can also use this holiday to learn more about meteorology or even to take the time to observe weather conditions for the day.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 4 Saturday
Next year (2025)
May 4 Sunday
Last year (2023)
May 4 Thursday
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