Translators’ Day in Armenia

October 8th is a day celebrated as Translators’ Day across Armenia. Also known as the Feast of the Holy Translators, the day commemorates the creation of the Armenian alphabet and the accomplishments of those who worked as holy translators. The work of these translators gave the Armenian Church a distinctive national identity that set it apart from other churches in Europe.

For the diaspora of Armenians living abroad, this date is part of “Culture Month,” a month-long celebration that honors scholars, writers, translators, and theologians who have contributed to Armenian culture and theology.

The History of Translators’ Day in Armenia

Translators’ Day, also known as the Feast of the Holy Translators, is dedicated to saints and literary figures of the Armenian Apostolic Church. These individuals not only created the Armenian alphabet but also translated the Bible into Armenian. Their work contributed to a culture that focused its attention on translating some of the most important literary and theological works in the world into Armenian.

The Holy Translators who worked on this worthy endeavor included David the Invincible, Mesrop Mashtots, Yeghishe, Nerses IV the Gracious, Gregory of Narek, and Movses Khorenatsi. Their first Armenian translation of the Bible is one of the oldest in the world that has survived and is still in use by the Armenian Church. October 8th was chosen as the feast day for these translators.

Observing Translators’ Day in Armenia

This holiday and Feast Day is observed with religious services in the Armenian Church and with cultural events outside the church. Although it is not a public holiday, and as such, government offices, schools, and businesses are not closed, it is still a holiday that is widely observed. It is a source of pride for many Armenians, both in Armenia and around the world, and is observed as part of Culture Month.

Where is it celebrated?
Armenia (Observance)
When is it?
This year (2024)
October 12 Saturday
Next year (2025)
October 11 Saturday
Last year (2023)
October 14 Saturday