Yom HaAliyah

A Jewish holiday observed by millions around the world, Yom HaAliyah is an official holiday in Israel. It is celebrated on the 10th of the Hebrew month of Nisan and also observed on the 7th of Cheshvan—the latter being a school celebration. It celebrates the Jewish people entering the Land of Israel as written in the Hebrew Bible. It is a significant day for many, so let’s find out more.

What Is the History of Yom HaAliyah?

Sometimes known as Immigration Day, Yom HaAliyah commemorates the first mass immigration after the Exodus from Egypt when the Israelites moved into Israel, a safe haven for the Jewish community.

The celebration was first conceived in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2016 that it was approved as a national day of the year. In the Book of Joshua (4:19), Joshua and the Israelites carried the Ark of the Covenant across the River Jordan.

This event is considered the first great aliyah, dating back to 1272 BCE. There are other significant meanings behind the day of the 10th of Nisan. This date marks the passing of Moses’ sister Miriam. Also, the 10th of Nisan is recognized as the first Shabbat HaGadol.

How to Observe Yom HaAliyah

The easiest way to observe this important day is to learn more about its history. The mass immigration marks a day that recognizes Israel as a safe haven for the Jewish community.

Why not read the Torah portion Lech-Lecha, as this is what is read in synagogues on the 7th of Cheshvan when Yom HaAliyah is observed in schools? Alternatively, the hashtag #YomHaAliyah is a good way to get involved and find out how the community observes the day.

This can be a good way to spread the word so others can acknowledge the importance of Yom HaAliyah around the world.

Where is it celebrated?
Israel (Observance)
When is it?
This year (2024)
Next year (2025)
Last year (2023)